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Multi-Program Research Center

Translational Medicine

The volume and complexity of information generated by clinical research is ever-increasing from case reports and data entry sheets to administrative reports and regulatory compliance paperwork. The old ways of manual collecting and sorting through all this information slows much needed scientific discovery by research organizations and the medical community.

Researchers need a better way to build, manage, and distribute information to fellow researchers and clinical study participants. Translational research uses an integrated approach to the knowledge management of data from clinical trials, research and clinical care. It also requires a more unified and more robust software to manage and track biologicals and the experiment, sample, and clinical data associated with them.

Translational research requires skills and resources not usually available in a single laboratory or clinical setting. LabAnswer has the skills to implement informatics for translational science and manage systems that incorporate aspects of both basic science and clinical research.

translational medicine

Informatics for Translational Science

Research hospitals across the nation continue to face financial challenges to keep operational costs down, while ensuring safe and effective patient care and treatment. This requires IT leaders to make smart and well-informed decisions about technology and process.

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace the business management strategy must demand constant process evaluation to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency is provided at the lowest possible cost.

For the past ten years, LabAnswer has been working with some of the leading hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to meet their laboratory informatics requirements for research and analytical laboratories, biorepositories and clinical trials management systems.

As the nation’s largest independent laboratory consulting company in North America we have successfully completed over 100 laboratory informatics projects in the past 2 years. Our team has expertise on informatics applications and systems including:

    • caBIG® Support Service Provider (Help Desk, Deployment, Documentation & Training)
    • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
    • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN)
    • Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS)
    • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
    • A myriad of instrument specific applications