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A Public Health Laboratory

Site Deployment of a Laboratory Information Management System

Often the deployment workstream is under budgeted and not planned for in the rollout of a laboratory information management system. Deployment of the system occurs after it has been configured, customized and tested for release to the user community. Deployment involves the tasks necessary to distribute a solution to end users and enable its use. Typically this includes data load, SOP modification/development, training and custom integrations.

Multi-Site Deployment

Implementing and validating a core system for rollout to multiple sites is the most cost-effective way to deploy a system. But it must be recognized that differences legitimately exist between sites and need to be accommodated. Therefore in a multi-site or global rollout it should be determined early on in a project which processes and functionality will be centralized and which processes and functionality will be localized.

Multi-site deployments can vary greatly. We have been involved with deployments where a central facility has been implemented and local health clinics are connected to the same application and global deployments where a centralized application is deployed around the world. Each required training, and support and sometimes local configurations for the application and custom report writing.