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Comprehensive Program Planning for Large Scale Deployments

The planning and execution of a large scale enterprise deployment requires both project management expertise and domain expertise. Large scale projects need to address how to harmonize processes, prioritize a rollout schedule, what functions will be controlled centrally vs. federated, and how different applications and instruments will be integrated into the whole.

The deployment program plan is established based on the identified project scope, tasks and durations necessary to complete the work. It is typically organized by workstream. Milestones, dependencies and critical path activities are identified and communicated. Recommendations are made for segregating releases of the system based on both geographical site and/or system functionality divisions.  In addition, a work breakdown is provided.

LabAnswer has the people, processes and experience to scale, deliver and support large scale enterprise projects. We are the largest consultancy of its type in North America. Our informatics consultants, most of whom are scientists/laboratory professionals with Sr. level IT experiences and capabilities, have worked on over one hundred laboratory informatics projects in the past three years.

Lab Systems Project Workstreams Identified

The comprehensive program planning of large scale deployments requires the ability to identify and plan for all of the necessary workstream disciplines. This includes identifying the activities that must occur within each workstream and the dependencies of the workstreams to each other from inception and design to release and support.

Resource Planning

A resource plan will establish the resources needed to support the project tasks that have been identified and rationalized against the estimated durations for each task.

Budget Analysis

Based on the scope, time, and resources identified, a high level budget analysis of the costs to perform the implementation and the parameters for determining overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) year over year is provided.