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Laboratory Requirements Assessment

LabAnswer assesses the needs of the laboratory enterprise through a business and laboratory operations review process that determines hardware, software, data, and functional process requirements.

Before automating laboratory workflows, LabAnswer will work with you to optimize your current processes using “As-Is” and "To-Be" business process diagram workflows as well as data flow diagrams. The assessment defines the objectives of the solution and establishes user requirements.

This assessment process typically involves inventorying instrumentation and available automation, analyzing sample processing, reviewing archived data and database formats, examining quality control procedures, evaluating data reporting requirements, and thoroughly discussing functional and system requirements with key personnel.

Business Requirements

One of the keys to any laboratory informatics implementation project is gathering sound requirements that reflect the true needs of your laboratory. These requirements will eventually trace all the way through functional requirements and design components and to test scripts for quality and validation testing. 

Creating clear and concise requirements will create a more efficient implementation strategy saving both time and money. The recommended improvements to workflows and processes that can take advantage of a new system will become User Requirements. They also reveal opportunities for optimization of business processes.

LabAnswer has provided a number of these strategic studies for a variety of industries to help them select technologies that would enable them to operate their labs more efficiently, accurately and within compliance.