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Strategic Services for
Scientific Data Management

Too many laboratory informatics projects fail for lack of a solid strategic foundation.

LabAnswer provides strategic services based in the reality of having built, integrated, deployed and supported more laboratory informatics systems than any other lab information consulting firm. Our business is rooted in the concept that domain expertise is critical to engineering and managing laboratory informatics projects. A proper strategy will align business requirements, technology and people to a successful conclusion.

LabAnswer has the people, processes and experience that scale for all levels of enterprise informatics projects. We are domain experts with extensive understanding of best practices, laboratory processes, regulatory issues and application best fit.

LabAnswer provides the following services to build a solid strategic foundation for your laboratory informatics projects:

Architecture Strategy

Design your systems to reduce support costs, promote collaboration and facilitate data analysis.

Comprehensive Program Planning

The planning and execution of a large scale enterprise deployment requires both project management expertise and domain expertise.

Portfolio Management

LabAnswer can develop an application management strategy to meet your laboratory informatics requirements today and into the future.

Business Intelligence

Align people, process and technology within your laboratory more closely with its current business strategy and stimulate new and innovative business strategies to meet long term goals and objectives.


Regulatory Compliance Strategy

Meet your regulatory requirements by utilizing a team that fully understands the regulations and risk assessments and is focused on your specific laboratory informatics applications.

Requirements Assessment

LabAnswer assesses the needs of the laboratory enterprise through a business and laboratory operations review process that determines hardware, software, data, and functional process requirements.

Vendor Selection

Compare products against your lab's written business processes, operational needs, and functional requirements.

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