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Getting the Most from Laboratory Applications

Although critical to the success of many organizations, Laboratory Informatics has historically been difficult for IT organizations to manage. The laboratory is not a standard IT business environment. This requires both IT expertise and knowledge of how labs work to function with today’s complex computer applications.

LabAnswer EAS teams are near shore remote teams of right priced scientific data management experts dedicated to end user support and continuous system improvement focused on lowering the operational cost of deployed applications.  LabAnswer EAS enables you to focus on improving your business automation, not only maintaining your IT system.

LabAnswer Supports the Laboratory Environment

LabAnswer supports the laboratory and scientific data management environment by integrating into the existing help desk to provide end user support by industry experts.  LabAnswer EAS team members are available to partner with all stakeholders in the pursuit of new solutions and respond to unexpected system responses. 

LabAnswer outsourcing teams are a rare mix of laboratory, science, IT, business and regulatory expertise. By maintaining a consistent team who are familiar with your applications, environment and business practices, we are able to be strategic in our approach to enhancing and upgrading your systems. This strategy allows for day-to-day operational support while also providing application experts able to develop and deploy enhancements to allow the application to keep pace with the automation requirements from the business.

LabAnswer can provide on-site and remote support including services such as:

  • Incident management to return your system to an operational state as quickly as possible
  • Problem management to determine root causes of Incidents and reduce or eliminate them from occurring again
  • System administration to remove the burden of routine administrations tasks from your lab and business team members
  • Documentation development and maintenance to ensure up to date documentation for reference by the application team to ensure reliability and efficient application changes
  • Proactive system monitoring to reduce infrastructure or application maintenance items from impacting end users
  • Change and environment management to control code and configuration changes to the production environments 
  • Operational metrics and analysis to provide insight into the effort hours utilization by EAS team members to highlight improvement opportunities to further reduce the system operation cost
  • Audit and ad-hoc reporting management to address the vital need for single use reports by the business and data requests during regulatory or internal audits
  • System enhancements to provide continuous improvement of the deployed application to ensure the system functionality keeps pace with the business needs