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Research-based pharmaceutical company

Collaborative Research

Collaborative research is essential in today’s complex environments. LabAnswer can provide the tools and processes to facilitate collaborative research. Collaboration can be as simple as sharing experimental results in a searchable database integrated to an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) or as complex as sharing biospecimens, genetic profiles and clinical outcomes across organizations. As describe elsewhere translational medicine is about research collaboration. Collaboration includes:

  • Leveraging the work of past researchers over an extended period of time
  • Real time collaboration between small internal teams
  • Collaboration between internal divisions
  • Collaboration between external organizations (see diagram below)


research labs

Knowledge Management Strategy Accelerates Discovery

A manufacturing client generated large amounts of unstructured scientific information and intellectual property which were not easily accessible for collaboration among its hundreds of R&D scientists in multiple facilities. LabAnswer evaluated key laboratory processes and determined that an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) would have a significant positive impact on the rate of discovery while meeting applicable legal and business requirements.