LabAnswer has completely transformed a major CRO’s technical platform for clinical trials and data management.

Clinical Trial Management System

End-to-end operation of clinical trials supporting drug development to fight disease and other medical conditions is an incredibly complex business. LabAnswer understands the processes and technologies required to maximize the integration of systems and sharing of trial data to support the most dynamic and automated implementations of trial management.

We can recommend and then implement off-the-shelf products that meet the core needs of trial execution and laboratory testing. Our solutions focus on the ease of operation, the soundness and security of data, and the ultimate delivery of results to drive additional research and treatment decisions.

Protocol Definition and Study Data

LabAnswer's clinical trial management system can facilitate better communication to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) or any contract agency to better perform and manage the study.

  • Enhance a detailed study design.
  • Document and track protocol milestones.
  • Improve layout of visit path and testing schedule.
  • Manage site participants and Institutional Review Board (IRB) information.
  • Control user access by clinical role.
  • Enable and manage the impact of amendments and extensions to the protocol during the study.

Patient and Specimen Data

The clinical trial management system can utilize the resulting data from the study as well as post study activities such as biorepository and other data mining activities.

  • Create the framework for a massive clinical data repository for patient and specimen data.
  • Manage blinded data to prevent scientific bias.
  • Ensure compliance for privacy data access limitations to protect patient confidentiality.
  • Create a dual coding scheme to protect patient identity in relation to genetic information compliance.
  • Create an array of data mining tools that incorporates study, patient, and specimen data to better enable research resources and specimen retrieval purposes.

Fully Integrated Clinical Trial Management System