"…experience and knowledge to solve unique problems and continually uses foresight to stave off future problems. "

Pharma Development and Manufacturer

Recent Client Comments

"The best service (LabAnswer) offered was the peace of mind that I didn't have to worry ..."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"... the biggest contributor to the overall system/workflows design

Large Agricultural Company

"... a strong understanding of the various possible approaches to a LIMS/global validation effort...a clear and thorough understanding of the STARLiMs application."

"... very productive and his work is thorough.  The ELNs ... need very few corrections."

A Leading Biotechnology Company

"(LabAnswer)  provides good support and administration of all of the issues (ELN Tracker)... handles all of the technical issues and works with the vendor to solve new issues."

 Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"… good understanding of our business process … expertise in LIMS definitely helps us succeed."

"I can always feel assured that (LabAnswer) has gone to great efforts to ensure its quality."

A Drug Development Services Company

"I have received very positive feedback from many users on the quality of work (LabAnswer)  has produced. ... on time, and to a very high quality."

A Leading Biotechnology Company

"… experience in project management coupled with LIMS has been a great asset."

Leading LIMS Applications Provider

"…a very collaborative team member and leader. … vitally important to the project."

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

"…delivering a level of value that I have come to expect."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"… very responsive to our requirements, and delivering exceptional service to the team and project....always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the best solution."

A Public Health Laboratory

"…consistently delivers on-time, quality services for our project."

Pharma Development and Manufacturer

"… a great resource to us due to vast knowledge of LIMS systems."

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

"…overall quality is above my expectations …takes the extra time to work with me to ensure my needs are met. … brought a knowledge of LIMS to the game that others would not have. "

Leading provider of prescription contact lenses

"…stands out on the Lab IT support for his technical abilities as well as his thought leadership and willingness to challenge the status quo."

"… knowledge of instrumentation in many cases far exceeds those of Instrumentation vendors."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"I do not think I could have gotten the validation environment up and running without him."

A Large Agricultural Company



"So pleased with LabAnswer’s work and your ability to remedy issues.

We have dealt with lots of vendors but we have never received the support and backing like what we received from LabAnswer"

A major global mining company

"... has effectively applied what he knows to meet our needs to implement LIMS in an
environment that is changing to include SAP.  He is responsive and has really come up with some great approaches to meet our needs."

Major Energy Corporation

"... extremely committed on delivery solutions and configuration on time... very flexible on
accommodating code changes as business change their workflows.  In general, .. a great
asset for this project and its successful implementation."

 Multi-National Pharmaceutical

"Thanks to the LabAnswer team for providing us with a quality “migration” tool to make all this possible!"

Pharma Development and Manufacturer

"Other IS Support organizations do not even come close to the service offered by the (LabAnswer) LIMS Team."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"... knowledge, skills, and abilities have provided us with tremendous value compared to the costs of the project."

Major Metropolitan  Police Department Lab

"…changes/recommendations that will make our environment more effective and efficient."

 "... helps us get work done while navigating the IS regulations that they must operate within.  He takes a big load off the users."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"… a great understanding of LIMS and how to use it… experience working on other companies systems has helped us answer a lot of questions."

Contract Manufacturer

"…solid value to my area when I think about results and quality."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"The ability to bring past LIMS experience to the project and contribute recommendations on best practices, process flows, and design decisions."

Leading Medical R & D Company

"… could even consider more aggressive timelines for his tasks in the future given his strengths in LIMS."

Leading Medical R & D Company

"…energy, honesty and commitment to doing the right thing for the project. …everything is done with a great eye on quality. … I am confident we will have a successful project.

…technical knowledge, combined with many years of experience with our processes and needs makes him a valuable resource."

Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company

"…Just this morning he surprised the users by the enhancements that he was asked yesterday late afternoon!! …understands everything about LIMS."

A Drug Development Services Company

" I just want to say thank you."

"(LabAnswer has) done a marvelous job…

(LabAnswer) was the piece that brought us from wandering in the desert to actually releasing some modules for use, and we will be utilizing all of those in the future. Through all the ups and downs of the project, we have always known where we are.

I also thank you for your willingness to hang with us as the project stretched beyond where we thought it would. It showed the real commitment you have had for us, your clients.

I wish you much success in your future endeavors."


Service that
Exceeds Expectations

Outstanding service is of the utmost importance to us. When you elect to use our services, you receive not only the talents of an individual, but also the support of our entire company. Our goal is to accept engagements only if we can provide the best possible solution.

Our processes have been developed to provide clear and regular communications with our clients to ensure a partnering relationship is developed. This communication starts with the inception of a project and carries forward through the statement of work, status reports, regular quality surveys and measurements against our service level agreements.