Support Outsourcing Case Studies

LabAnswer has processes and the right mix of onshore/offshore resources to provide high quality, cost-effective support for laboratory informatics applications, laboratory instrumentation and associated applications, and PCs.

Outsourcing Laboratory Informatics for Improved Efficiencies

A large consumer products manufacturer sought to outsource its informatics support in order to improve response time to requests from the business, reduce the cost to support systems, and to be prepared for future growth. LabAnswer's analysis resulted in a number of recommendations which lowered costs, employed best practices, significantly reduced the backlog for IT support requests, and lowered overhead.

Consumer Products Manufacturer: Outsources Laboratory IT Support including Chromatography Systems

Our client required a strategic partner who could rapidly assess their needs and transition support from internal staff. LabAnswer’s outsourcing approach systematically diagnosed technical support needs including standard operating procedures and ensured a seamless support transition.

Outsource Laboratory Support Team Digs in with Root Cause Analysis

LabAnswer created a solution that improved throughput, included error handling, automatic and scheduled restarts and detailed process status notifications. The combination of production issue resolutions have contributed to a 37% reduction support costs.

LIMS Support Outsourcing Team Digs Deeper with Root Cause Analysis

The support team resolved the symptoms, diagnosed the root cause of the issue and recommended a solution to prevent it from occurring in the future, thus reducing future support costs.