Project Management Case Studies

LabAnswer consultants are regularly trained in the appropriate technologies, communication skills and project management techniques across all the project workstreams. The planning of large scale deployments requires the ability to plan the activities within each workstream and to understand the relationship of workstreams to each other from inception and design to release and support.

Simplify Result Entry Procedures in Clinical Laboratories

A top ten pharmaceutical client needed to provide its labs with an automated solution to facilitate the transfer of results from Excel spreadsheets into SQL*LIMS.  LabAnswer leveraged existing Excel spreadsheets and produced a versatile, bi-directional interface with SQL*LIMS for a seamless transfer of data without significant changes to the existing process.

LIMS to Help Fight AIDS

An international HIV research organization needed to install and validate a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to support clinical studies and global sample inventory in AIDS research.  LabAnswer guided the design, implementation and validation of the LIMS, which facilitated partnering with a tier one pharmaceutical company.