Migration Case Studies

LabAnswer can develop a migration strategy and approach to migrate data from legacy lab systems to new systems using a hybrid automated/manual load method. Our domain expertise and understanding of current systems enable us to determine which data need to be included, to establish the data object standards and naming conventions, and to collect the appropriate data for loading.

LIMS Migration Effort Produces $1M Savings

A tier one pharmaceutical client had built a standard LIMS configuration and was in the process of rolling it out globally. The manual data load process was more difficult than anticipated and caused significant cost overruns and delays. LabAnswer designed a process to extract information from the old LIMS and load it into the new LIMS configuration and significantly reduced the amount of time required.

Integrating Robotics & LIMS

A gold mining client needed a new process control system to manage an existing UNIX-based robotics system and to integrate with their LIMS systems. LabAnswer migrated the robotics application to a distributed architecture using Microsoft .Net framework and provided a web site to provide query and research capabilities from virtually any location within the local area network.