Integration Case Studies

LabAnswer has vast experience designing, implementing and supporting laboratory systems integration. We are expert at integrating laboratory systems using a variety of tools and custom interfaces including middleware, communications messaging protocols and custom interfaces.

Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Leverages LIMS for Scalability

A specialty pharmaceutical client's rapid growth required that processes and systems to manage and review sample test results, release inventory, and manage certificates of analysis be reengineered and automated to support quality control and regulatory compliance. LabAnswer implemented a SQL*LIMS system and integrated into the existing environment to achieve the business goals. The implementation included an interface with the client's JDE Enterprise Resource Planning system and provided the throughput and scalability necessary to insure quality and FDA compliance.

Complex LIMS-SAP Interface Integration

The pharmaceutical client had a single SAP instance and multiple sites, each with its own LIMS instance. Among the objectives were to: reduce lot creation / sampling time, improve lot turn-around time, reduce logging errors, maintain quality data in a single system, and standardize business processes. LabAnswer created and deployed a LIMS-SAP interface using the SAP QM-IDI to achieve the business goals.

Integration Reduces Transcription Errors

A global pharmaceutical client sought to provide its labs with an automated mechanism to validate and load file-based data directly into the LIMS. In order to provide the level of data validation and error-handling that was required, LabAnswer developed a custom interface that leveraged LabWare's integrated LabStation module and provided a seamless, fast, and safe transfer of laboratory data into the LIMS without direct interaction between lab technicians and the application.

Integrating Robotics & LIMS

A gold mining client needed a new process control system to manage an existing UNIX-based robotics system and to integrate with their LIMS systems. LabAnswer migrated the robotics application to a distributed architecture using Microsoft .Net framework and provided a web site to provide query and research capabilities from virtually any location within the local area network.

Simplify Result Entry Procedures in Clinical Laboratories

A top ten pharmaceutical client needed to provide its labs with an automated solution to facilitate the transfer of results from Excel spreadsheets into SQL*LIMS. LabAnswer leveraged existing Excel spreadsheets and produced a versatile, bi-directional interface with SQL*LIMS for a seamless transfer of data without significant changes to the existing process.

LIMS Procurement and Implementation

A government agency client needed to replace three home-grown LIMS applications used by its forensic and regulatory laboratories. LabAnswer performed a comprehensive requirements analysis, generated the RFP, assisted the client in selecting a LIMS vendor then managed the implementation of the new LIMS including installation, testing, documentation, and training.