Development Case Studies

LabAnswer consultants have worked extensively with custom and open source laboratory informatics applications. Our experience includes Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs), Scientific and Clinical Trial Management Systems, Data Management Systems, Biobanking and a myriad of instrument specific applications.

Integration Reduces Transcription Errors

A global pharmaceutical client sought to provide its labs with an automated mechanism to validate and load file-based data directly into the LIMS. In order to provide the level of data validation and error-handling that was required, LabAnswer developed a custom interface that leveraged LabWare's integrated LabStation module and provided a seamless, fast, and safe transfer of laboratory data into the LIMS without direct interaction between lab technicians and the application.  

LIMS Migration Effort Produces $1M Savings

A tier one pharmaceutical client had built a standard LIMS configuration and was in the process of rolling it out globally. The manual data load process was more difficult than anticipated and caused significant cost overruns and delays. LabAnswer designed a process to extract information from the old LIMS and load it into the new LIMS configuration and significantly reduced the amount of time required.

Simplify Result Entry Procedures in Clinical Laboratories

A top ten pharmaceutical client needed to provide its labs with an automated solution to facilitate the transfer of results from Excel spreadsheets into SQL*LIMS.  LabAnswer leveraged existing Excel spreadsheets and produced a versatile, bi-directional interface with SQL*LIMS for a seamless transfer of data without significant changes to the existing process.