Deployment Case Studies

LabAnswer has deployed global laboratory informatics systems for research, bio-tech, clinical trials projects, bio-repository, public health labs and pharmaceutical companies. LabAnswer assembles experienced deployment teams using methods that proactively prepare your site for the new application. Typically deployment includes data load/data migration, site configuration to reflect unique workflows and business rules, training and custom integrations.

Enterprise Implementation of LES/ELN, LIMS, and Chromatography Data System (CDS)

Enterprise implementation of LES/ELN, LIMS, and Chromatography Data System (CDS) for a company with locations in over 40 countries. The deployment included ELN methods and templates, interfaces to both instruments as well as adjacent Enterprise Systems, LIMS with client specific customizations and configurations, third party application interfaces and a custom Product Release Information Management System.

Integrated LIMS/ELN/CDS/Product-Release System

In order to address quality issues and improve efficiencies, a leading biotech company planned to implement global, integrated LIMS/ELN/CDS product-release systems for 18 sites. LabAnswer demonstrated our expertise with the complexities of implementing integrated systems in a regulated environment in this multi site project. We utilized our strategic knowledge, business understanding and technical expertise to manage the vendors, define, develop and lead the various project workstreams to ensure a successful, high quality implementation.

Complex LIMS-SAP Interface Integration

The pharmaceutical client had a single SAP instance and multiple sites, each with its own LIMS instance. Among the objectives were to: reduce lot creation / sampling time, improve lot turn-around time, reduce logging errors, maintain quality data in a single system, and standardize business processes. LabAnswer created and deployed a LIMS-SAP interface using the SAP QM-IDI to achieve the business goals.

Integrating Robotics & LIMS

A gold mining client needed a new process control system to manage an existing UNIX-based robotics system and to integrate with their LIMS systems. LabAnswer migrated the robotics application to a distributed architecture using Microsoft .Net framework and provided a web site to provide query and research capabilities from virtually any location within the local area network.

LIMS Migration Effort Produces $1M Savings

A tier one pharmaceutical client had built a standard LIMS configuration and was in the process of rolling it out globally. The manual data load process was more difficult than anticipated and caused significant cost overruns and delays. LabAnswer designed a process to extract information from the old LIMS and load it into the new LIMS configuration and significantly reduced the amount of time required.

LIMS to Help Fight AIDS

An international HIV research organization needed to install and validate a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to support clinical studies and global sample inventory in AIDS research.  LabAnswer guided the design, implementation and validation of the LIMS, which facilitated partnering with a tier one pharmaceutical company.