Requirements Assessment Case Studies

LabAnswer's assessment strategy determines the needs of the laboratory enterprise through a business and laboratory operations review process that determines hardware, software, and functional process requirements. LabAnswer has provided a number of these strategic studies for clients in a variety of industries to help them select technologies to operate their labs more efficiently, accurately and compliant with regulatory requirements

LES Requirements Definition, Selection and Architecture

A global pharmaceutical company had a number of duplicate systems, some of which needed to be replaced, retired and/or combined. The client also had homegrown systems that had reached the end of their useful life and were costly to maintain. LabAnswer was selected to provide data and analysis to assist with the acquisition and architecture of an ELN/LES and LIMS solutions.

$250,000 Saved in Specifying and Purchasing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

A large municipal water authority needed to identify and purchase an appropriate LIMS for its multi-site laboratory operations. LabAnswer performed a comprehensive needs assessment / requirements analysis to develop technical specifications, functional specifications, and enterprise specifications for inclusion in the LIMS RFP and assisted the client with vendor selection and contract negotiation.

State Public Health Department LIMS Requirements, Assessments, Vendor Selection and Implementation Support

A state public health department needed to identify and purchase an appropriate LIMS to comply with regulatory requirements under CLIA, HIPAA, and EPA regulations, as well meet its responsibilities to the CDC. LabAnswer assisted the client with the RFP and vendor selection

LIMS Procurement and Implementation

A government agency client needed to replace three home-grown LIMS applications used by its forensic and regulatory laboratories. LabAnswer performed a comprehensive requirements analysis, generated the RFP, assisted the client in selecting a LIMS vendor then managed the implementation of the new LIMS including installation, testing, documentation, and training.