Architecture Case Studies

LabAnswer has architected complex enterprise and multi-enterprise systems for some of the world’s leading life science organizations. These systems manage high volumes of data and include multiple business functions, numerous applications and very large databases. 

LES Requirements Definition, Selection and Architecture

A global pharmaceutical company had a number of duplicate systems, some of which needed to be replaced, retired and/or combined. The client also had homegrown systems that had reached the end of their useful life and were costly to maintain. LabAnswer was selected to provide data and analysis to assist with the acquisition and architecture of an ELN/LES and LIMS solutions.

Knowledge Management Strategy Accelerates Discovery

The manufacturing client generated large amounts of unstructured scientific information and intellectual property in thousands of paper notebooks, which were not easily accessible for collaboration among its hundreds of R&D scientists in multiple facilities. LabAnswer evaluated key laboratory processes and determined that an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) would have a significant positive impact on the rate of discovery while meeting applicable legal and business requirements.