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caBIG Support Services Provider

LabAnswer is a licensed cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid® (caBIG®) Support Service Provider by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the categories of Help Desk Support, Deployment Support for caBIG Software Applications and Documentation, and Training Materials and Services.

We actively support the caBIG initiative and its programs to create an open source, open access information network connecting the cancer research community with shared tools and data by use of a common and united standards-based IT infrastructure.

The world of biomedical and clinical research laboratories is rapidly evolving. Information collaboration will be crucial in the fight against cancer and other diseases. With the promise of sharing information and the interoperability and scalability of open source laboratory informatics, the research will be greatly enhanced.

LabAnswer is responding with innovative offerings in Clinical Trial Management Systems, forensic laboratories and LIMS and ELN data migration projects. We are domain experts with extensive experience in life sciences, medical research and clinical trials.

Help Desk Support

LabAnswer understands that the caBIG help-desk is a critical interface between the caBIG and its adoptors for obtaining not only the support for the applications and tools in the bundles being adopted but also the subject matter expertise on the caBIG applications and infrastructure. 

High quality support for caBIG software requires a comprehensive solution that employs best practices, and places subject matter experts with the right skill sets in the right positions, measures results, and provides continuous improvement. Our global support model has been tried and true and our methods, people and process are world class.

Support includes:

  • Remote support and assistance
  • Incident prioritization and tracking
  • Weekly and monthly status reporting
  • Records to assist in the resolution of problems will be maintained

Deployment Support for caBIG Software Applications

LabAnswer has developed service offerings, methodologies, and best practices that focus specifically on the deployment of laboratory informatics projects. LabAnswer has found that frequently in the course of deploying software solutions, our laboratory informatics clients overlook key work streams that are critical to successful projects. One of the techniques that we have found helpful when working with researchers is iterative prototyping to take advantage of existing functionality and yet customize to the particular needs of a research group.

The types of services necessary to deploy a solution may depend on the environment, the product, and the regulations being applied. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware, operating systems and other software provisioning
  • Enterprise application support
  • Installation and configuration of caBIG software
  • Legacy data migration
  • Systems upgrades
  • Data validation strategies
  • Application integration strategy
  • Integration of multiple caBIG tools with caBIG compatible and legacy applications
  • Release planning and infrastructure services
  • IT administration including performance tuning, troubleshooting, and application of system and application specific patches/upgrades
  • Adaptation and custom enhancements to caBIG tools

Documentation and Training Materials and Services

As a consultancy specializing in the development of informatics solutions for heavily regulated laboratory environments, LabAnswer consistently demonstrates an organized, accurate, verifiable approach to documentation. We specialize in documenting solutions from the technical and end-user perspectives. Our technical documentation is developed to enhance the long term support of systems including functional enhancements and defect resolution as well as root cause analysis. Our end-user documentation is tailored to maximize the effective use of the system so that users realize the maximum benefit, and to accelerate the ramp up of new personnel as users of these systems.

Documentation and training materials services include:

  • Develop end user and administration documentation and training manuals
  • Train personnel on caBIG applications, standards, and infrastructure
  • Requirements specifications
  • Upgrade existing software up to caBIG compliance