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Laboratory Information Management

LabAnswer is the leading laboratory informatics consultancy. LabAnswer helps companies to strategize, architect, implement, and support scientific data management and laboratory automation projects.

LabAnswer has developed the people, processes, methodologies, and intellectual property to scale for the largest enterprise deployments. The culmination of this experience is: The highest quality work delivered in the most efficient manner.

Major commercial and government organizations come to LabAnswer for instrument support and LIMS/ELN consulting in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, clinical research, medical device, forensics, and public health laboratories.

LabAnswer’s expert teams perform tasks such as assessments, architecture, design, development, implementation, deployment, validation, maintenance, and support outsourcing.

LabAnswer is software and hardware vendor neutral. Supported technologies include:

  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) / LIS
  • Laboratory Instrument Systems
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN)
  • Laboratory Execution Systems (LES)
  • Data Warehousing, Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) or Data Archival
  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
  • Chromatography Data Systems (CDS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Systems Integration)


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Recent Projects:

Associating Scientific Data from Different Sources through Data Virtualization

"Data virtualization enables organizations to elevate sample data from a commodity view into a more strategic, reusable, and valuable scientific asset."

Data Virtualization Powers Next Generation Sample Intelligence >>

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August 8, 2014 - By Suresh Chandrasekaran


The Leader in LIMS Services

For almost two decades, LabAnswer has been involved in hundreds of LIMS and LIS enterprise projects worldwide, performing tasks such as assessments, architecture, design, configuration, development, implementation, integration, deployment, maintenance, and support outsourcing.


Government Solutions

The LabAnswer Government Practice continues to work on significant local, state, and federal contracts. We support a wide range of agencies, including metro police department forensic laboratories, state public health laboratories, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. Our work with the National Cancer Institute is opening up the integration of private sector, research, and government agencies in support of translational medicine. 


Biological Entity Registration

Combine Registration with Resulting Test & Characterization Data
LabAnswer works with companies in building scientific data management foundations for Biological Entity Registration while keeping their systems, processes, culture and governance in balance.

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Could a Dedicated LIMS Cost Less?

Yves Dupont, LabAnswer Senior Manager, expands upon his comments made in an April-May 2013 Scientific Computing World article (“Laboratory Informatics Systems are Fueling Efficiency”) with a whitepaper. The report provides data to answer the questions from IT as to why a dedicated LIMS is necessary. Why not use the existing SAP-QM system? The whitepaper concludes with three different recommendations when selecting between an ERP and LIMS/LES solutions.

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